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Textures used for my graphic pages
Digital Bristle
Hybrid Genesis
...of the sky...
The Blooming Effect
The Magic Box
Glimmering Girl

You can find me here

Harry Potter Fans Community   [ m o d ]
Led Zeppelin Italian Fans Forum   [ u s e r ]
Rock'n'Roll Damnation   [ m o d ]
Nuovo Fronte Femminile    [ c o - a d m i n ]

Other worlds

Pixel Girl
Il mondo di Elena
Jessica Galbreth
Herb Leonhard
World of Froud
Pixel Decor
Evgeniy Shaman
Severus Snape's Slytherin Society

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Italian Radical Party Justice for Kurt Cobain

Darkness Against Child Abuse Darkness Against Domestic Violence

Action for Brazil's Children

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